Why e-Sports Athletes Love MSI

A new tide of demand for high-performance computer equipment is sweeping the world, as eSports becomes a major form of entertainment and spectator activity. With that, the technology supporting eSports is maturing rapidly.


e-Sports are serious business. The market for gaming hardware will reach $140 billion by 2019, and this is despite slowing sales for traditional PCs. Why is gaming hardware so in demand? It’s because serious gamers, whether they’re aspiring to the big leagues, or actually in the pro circuit, are going to need precision, powerful hardware in order to be competitive. Like a racquet is to a tennis player, or a pair of good shoes is to a footballer, there’s no room to make mistakes with your hardware if an e-Sports competitor hopes to make a splash in competitive gaming.

This resurgent market, despite being a remarkably demanding one, is also highly lucrative, and some companies are doubling down to focus on this specific segment. It’s a market that MSI has chosen to focus on above all others, for example. Some years ago, the company made the decision to recruit serious gamers into its product development team, and focus much of its R & D work into developing technology that will help give serious gamers that edge they’re looking for in competitive play.

As a result of this decision, the company saw an 18 per cent increase in revenue and 13-year record high stock value in 2016. The need to continuously find better performance means that MSI needs to continuously develop new technologies for its players, and some of those recent innovations are already proving very popular
  1. MSI has developed its Dragon Centre, an application on MSI equipment that gives players access to real-time system performance monitoring, parameter adjustment tools around VR, X Boost, Fan Speed, and CPU overclocking, as well as a quick problem solving center. Gamers love to play around with the settings of their computers, and the Dragon Centre has been designed specifically for them.
  2. Powerful cooling boosts for notebooks; gaming applications create a lot of heat within the computing device, and while gamers have elaborate cooling systems available to help keep their PCs comfortably while they play on high-end settings, cooling systems for laptops are far less developed. With laptops like the MSI GT73 and MSI GT83 expected to be strong performers for MSI, there was the need to develop improved cooling technology for laptop devices. For this purpose MSI has developed Cooler Boost Titan, which features 15 heat pipes to maintain control over the laptop’s temperature.
  3. GS63 7RE
    GS63 7RE
  4. Ease of upgradeability; gamers also like to be able to easily upgrade their base hardware as new technology and improvements land on the market. Because technology rapidly improves in computing, the desire to upgrade is fairly frequent, and MSI’s design teams work to create both laptop and desktop models that have the space and capacity for frequent and substantial upgrades.
  5. The world 1st lightest and thinnest backpack PC system, MSI VR One. This product has caused a massive impact on the global VR market by removing the current VR experience limitations of having to stay close to the PC and the monitor due to cables connected. The design is more compact and the performance is better than other similar VR ready products. Moreover, it is more convenient thanks to the longevity of its battery life and the hot swap design which will allow gamers to play non-stop for hours. Further more, VR One is not just for B to B business but also VR developers, the portability and the mobility of MSI VR One is the best solution for both limitless VR environmnet possibilities and VR content demonstration all around the world.
  6. VR ONE 7RE
    VR ONE 7RE

“As the leading brand of the gaming industry that releases the most up-to-date VR ready gaming laptops such as MSI GT83, MSI GS63 ,and MSI VR ONE backpack, we are really taking gaming to the next level. The key thing that gamers need is customisability. To fine-tune their performance, they need a laptop that can be physically customised, and then, once they’re in the game, they need the software tools to fine-tune performance further. MSI has always been on the front foot in being able to see the future and predict the gamers’ needs” says Ivy Hsu, MSI Australia notebook marketing manager.

And, while e-Sports equipment at the very high end can be very expensive, for players just starting out on their journey, there are plenty of mid-range options that will keep them competitive as they develop their skills. As e-Sports grows further, both “segments” will be equally in demand as young players “graduate” into major competition, sponsorships, and high-end equipment.

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