Telstra announces refreshed fixed-broadband plans

Telstra has announced that they have given 600,000 fixed broadband customers unlimited data allowances at no extra cost, meaning that Telstra will now have more than two million customers on unlimited data plans. 

Recent Telstra data shows that between July 2017 and July 2018, fixed broadband data usage increased around 40%. The data also showed that as more ADSL customers move to faster nbn speeds, data use has uplifted by nearly 50%. 

“It’s no secret Australians are streaming more content than ever before at home. Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, SBS on Demand, and all the other streaming services now available provide access to the most popular movies and TV shows as well as a host of other niche programming – there’s something for everyone these days,” said Jana Kotatko, Head of Fixed Products at Telstra. 

Netflix estimates its streams use up to 3GB per hour for each HD video stream, which means that between July 2017 and July 2018, total data used by Australian households is the equivalent to watching nearly 81 million hours of Netflix collectively. 

“The growth of 4K televisions combined with faster internet speeds means Australians are watching videos in amazing quality and clarity, creating a much better entertainment experience than five years ago. Because of this improved experience as our customers move over to faster speeds on the nbn, we’re seeing their data usage increase,” Kotatko added. 

The data also showed that the biggest data using postcode in the nation was South Australia’s Munno Para, the state that used the most data was New South Wales at 71,632,754GB and the average Australian household used about 196GB in the one year period

“Customers expect their streaming experience to be seamless, and we’ve seen a strong increase in our nbn customer satisfaction measures recently as we continue to focus on this experience. In the past 12 months we’ve bestowed faster speeds to nearly 1.5 million customers and offered unlimited data across our most popular home internet bundles.  We’re also providing the Telstra Smart Modem to more customers, which combines the latest Wi-Fi technology with a mobile backup service is also ensuring that our customers experience a fast and reliable service in their homes,” said Kotatko.