​Best Aussie Internet plan deals for November 2021: Telstra, Vodafone and more

Options to save on your Internet plan this month

Getting great value for money Internet in Australia can be a tricky thing. Firstly, it’s not cheap, and compared to the rest of the world, our internet speed, well… let’s just say it’s currently a work in progress. Wading through the ins and outs of contracts is no easy feat either.

Thankfully, there is healthy competition out there which leads to deals. New deals pop up every month, with service providers offering extras like: discounts on your monthly fees, first month fee waivers and free modems. We’ve sourced the best on offer this month. Follow the links below to access them. 


Telstra has launched a new 5G Home Internet plan. The plan includes 1TB data per month, a 5G Home Modem and the first month's plan fees free. After the first month ongoing fees are AU$85/month. 


The new 4G Home Internet Plan from Vodafone includes unlimited data at up to a max off-peak speed of 20Mbps. The first month's fees are free, with ongoing fees costing AU$60/month. A further AU$10 will apply If you have a phone plan with Vodafone, in which case your monthly fee will be AU$50.


Exetel is offering up to AU$20 off its nbn plans for 6 months, after which time the plans revert to their usual monthly tariffs. 


Dodo customers can take advantage of discounts on the recurring monthly fees for six months when they pair their own modem with an nbn plan. Those discounts include AU$15 off the nbn25 and nbn100 plans and AU$17 off the nbn50 plan. 


Superloop has reduced the monthly fees on its nbn Home Plans for up to AU$20 per month for six months, after which time the fees return to their normal rates.

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