10 cool things you can do with Google Earth

We run through the top 10 coolest things Google Earth has to offer.

  • [[xref:|Funky weather imagery]]

    While some might find it difficult to believe, checking out weather patterns on Google Earth is actually fun! From infrared satellite images to live radar, there is a lot on offer.
  • [[xref:|Visit sweet landmarks]]

    As the great view of the Taj Mahal on the left shows, Google Earth can find anything on this Earth. It's brilliant sightseeing without ever leaving your house.
  • [[xref:|Be a Hollywood stalker]]

    If have great research skills you can find the locations for a number of your favourite movies. Pictured is of the island which Tom Hanks found himself on in Castaway.
  • [[xref:|3D models]]

    In a world where [[artnid:343739|3D is taking over]], is it really hard to believe that Google Earth can display buildings, structures and stadiums in three dimensions?
  • [[xref:|Flight simulation]]

    Now we’re talking! The ability to use a joystick to fly around the world is by far one of the coolest features of Google Earth.
  • [[xref:|Finding your way]]

    This might seem obvious, but knowing how to get from point A to point B to point C, then all the way back to point A, is handy.
  • [[xref:|The weird, yet wonderful]]

    If they could find the Virgin Mary on a toasted cheese sandwich, surely they could find the imprint of Jesus on a sand dune in Peru? Only Google Earth can bring you odd imagery like this without the need to queue up for a look.
  • [[xref:|Driving Simulator]]

    The Geoquake 2D driving simulator pushes the proverbial limits of what someone considers a 'game.' But driving around a number of locations around the world in a car, semi-trailer or truck is bags of fun.
  • [[xref:|Connect with Wikipedia]]

    Placeopedia allows you to connect Wikipedia articles with places. Very geeky, but very cool.
  • [[xref:live|Know where you live]]

    Finding your house, apartment, town house, outhouse, studio or penthouse via Google Earth is an obvious (and fun) thing to do.
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