10 spooky Halloween iPhone apps

Apps that range from frightening to frighteningly useless

  • "I vant 2 drink ur blood LOL" iPhone app developers have been working overtime this year to help you transform your favorite device into a high-tech scarephone. Have they succeeded? We'll let you be the judge of these 10 spoooooooky iPhone apps.
  • [[xref:|Pumpkin Ninja]] Developer: David Tillotson Price: $0.99 This is a fun little game that involves swiping your finger at falling pumpkins on your screen, thus slicing them in half like (in the game's words) "a true ninja." We're somewhat surprised that "true ninjas" spend their time cutting plants in half while they're falling from the sky, but perhaps ninjas are simply so secretive that we don't know anything about the weird stuff they do in their free time.

  • [[xref:|iDrakula]] Developer: Sourcebooks, Inc. Price: $1.99 Here's an imaginative app that uses text messages and voicemails to retell the story of Dracula. So one morning you might wake up to find a text message from your "friend" Lucy Westerna complaining that after hanging out with the Count last night, she woke up with "a wicked hickey." It's not quite how Bram Stoker would have put it, but what the heck. Maybe his book would have been improved if it included more passages along the lines of "I vant 2 drink ur bl00d LOL."

  • [[xref:|Scene It? Horror]] Developer: Screenlife LLC Price: $1.99 Scene It? is a classic movie trivia game that uses video and sound clips, famous quotes and puzzles to keep players stumped. This special horror edition of the game features some of the most famous horror films ever made, including "The Evil Dead" series, "The Exorcist," "The Shining" and "Frankenstein." A really cool game to have at Halloween parties.

  • [[xref:|Halloween Soundlab]] Developer: Rich Olson Price: $0.99 Give the neighbourhood kiddies a fright during trick-or-treating this year by hooking your iPhone up to a stereo and using this app to create a cacophony of scary sounds such as a boiling cauldron, a creepy organ, an empty rocking chair and "Screams of the Wretched." Actually, the scariest thing about this app is imagining the developer inviting people over to his sound studio and turning them away for not sounding wretched enough with their screams. If there's one group of people you don't want to upset, it's probably the screaming wretches.

  • [[xref:|Parents Carve-a-Pumpkin]] Developer: Resolute Digital, LLC Price: $0.99 Parents looking for new and innovative ideas for how to carve their pumpkins can use this app to mix-and-match different design ideas before trying them out on the real thing. Once you've carved your virtual pumpkin, you can share with friends through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

  • [[xref:|True Blood Comics]] Developer: IDW Publishing Price: $2.99 Based on the critically-acclaimed HBO vampire series, these comics have been adapted for the iPhone and the iPad and sell for $2.99 each. This is currently a limited series of six issues.

  • [[xref:|ZombieSmash!]] Developer: gamedoctors Price: $0.99 ZombieSmash! has perhaps the most inscrutable description we've ever read, as its developers have branded it a "'Survival Comedy' game, featuring undead-themed castle defense and entertaining, physics-based gameplay." Yeah, we don't know what that means either, but from what we can tell the premise of the game is that you can use various destructive implements, including boulders, wrecking balls and even asteroids to smash up zombies. And let's be honest: Crushing the living dead with heavy objects is a terrific stress reliever.

  • [[xref:|DOOM Resurrection]] Developer: id Software Price: $6.99 Relive the glorious mid-'90s by going around with a gun and blowing away vaguely-defined-but-nonetheless-menacing enemies on your smartphone. The original DOOM was the first first-person shooter to really hit it big, so you'll be playing a real classic here if you choose to buy it.

  • [[xref:|Halloween – Postage]] Developer: RogueSheep Price: $0.99 For parents who can't get enough of sending out sickeningly cute pictures of their children to friends, this app lets you take pictures of your little gremlins in their Halloween getups and edit them into splashy-looking postcards.

  • [[xref:|HauntFinder]] Developer: Europa Pictures Price: $2.99 HauntFinder is an online database of locations that offer up "haunted" tours during Halloween season, be they haunted houses or haunted hayrides. This is a fine resource for anyone who wants to find Halloween-related thrills in their neighborhood, as the app has location awareness that gives you haunted locations within a 200-mile radius of where you're located.

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