Hands-on with the LG Optimus G

We go hands-on with LG's new "superphone", the Optimus G

  • LG has finally launched the Optimus G Android smartphone in Australia, dubbed the device a "superphone". Let's go hands-on as we unbox the Optimus G.

    The Australian retail packaging for the Optimus G.

  • The back of the box details a few key features of the Optimus G and includes Telstra's 4G branding.

  • The Optimus G in the sales packaging.

  • Unboxing the unit.

  • Along with the Optimus G itself, LG includes an AC adapter, a USB to micro-USB cable, a quick start guide, a mobile muster recycle bag (to recycle old mobile phones, batteries and chargers) and a set of earbuds.

  • The headphones included with the Optimus G are in-ear buds with a stylish LG logo on the outside. An in-line microphone and answer call button is included and the cord is flat and doesn't easily tangle.

  • There's also a SIM card eject tool in the box.

  • The Optimus G has a 4.7in IPS screen and is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor. It also has 13-megapixel camera, 32GB of internal memory, 2GB of RAM and a large 2100mAh battery.

  • The camera includes a feature called Time Catch Shot, which captures photos before and after the shutter button is pressed in order to ensure users capture the best image possible.

  • The Optimus G's specifications make it a high end device but most flagship smartphones of 2013, including the [[artnid:446088|Sony Xperia Z]] and the upcoming [[artnid:454199|HTC One]], feature full HD 1080p displays, a feature the Optimus G lacks.

  • A standard micro-USB port on the bottom charges the LG Optimus G.

  • The Optimus G comes with a number of LG-specific software features including a QSlide function that can display up to three apps on the screen simultaneously, and a dual screen/dual play feature that allows wireless mirroring to a compatible television and the ability to display different content on the TV and the phone screen.

  • The Optimus G is 4G capable and is sold exclusively through Telstra in Australia.

  • The back of the Optimus G has a pattern printed below the glass, which LG calls "Crystal Reflection". It's definitely a fingerprint magnet.

  • A power/lock screen button is on the right side.

  • A volume rocket is situated on the left side, along with the SIM card tray.

  • The Optimus G has a top-mounted 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • [[|The LG Optimus G is available today through Telstra]], Fone Zone, Leading Edge and JB Hi-Fi stores across Australia. The phone sells for $0 upfront on Telstra's $60 "Every Day Connect" plan over 24 months, which includes $600 worth of calls, unlimited SMS messages and 1GB of data.

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